Now that you’ve decided to build a business with Qivana, you have a way to change your life for the better. Whatever drives you—building a retirement plan, supplementing your household income or simply being solely in charge of your own business and your own time—you can achieve with Qivana.


Qivana Business Owners can maximize their commissions by selling Qivana products to individual customers. Each time an Business Owner sells a product, a retail commission is earned. Business Owners purchase products at the discounted wholesale price and then sell them at the retail price, keeping the difference.

Regular customers that order on a continuous basis can become Qivana Preferred Customers by enrolling on AutoShip. Preferred customers enjoy a $5 per system discount off the retail price. Business Owners with Preferred Customers will receive the difference between the wholesale price and the preferred customer price as a retail commission.


Team Commissions are the foundation of the Qivana Commission Plan and are paid from the binary tree. Your binary tree has two team or legs—a left team and a right team. Everyone in your team will fall into one of these two groups. As you enroll new Preferred Customers and Business Owners on your team and those Business Owners enroll others, you are entitled to receive a Team Commission on your downline’s weekly purchase volume. The calculation is simple. Your commission is 5% of both teams (left and right) to the point that they are equal.


To begin earning Team Commissions, you need to:
  • Be active with 100PV Monthly
  • Have 500GV (or greater) in lesser leg volume
  • Personally sponsor at least 1 active* Business Owner in the left and right leg of the binary structure.
*An active Business Owner is defined as having at least 50PV monthly rolling volume and at least 50PV AutoShip



The Quick Start Bonus pays you immediate income on the initial order of each new personally sponsored Qivana Business Owner you enroll. Quick Start is a one-time bonus, paid out based on the initial order of your personally sponsored QBOs. If you, the enroller, are on 100PV AutoShip, you earn 10% on the initial order volume of your enrollees. If you are on 200PV AutoShip, you earn 20% of the initial order volume of your enrollees.


The Leadership Bonus Pool is a weekly, variable pool that can account for up to 75% of your total weekly commissions. The Leadership Bonus Pool offers another way to get paid by earning commissions on personal enrollees and their downline. This pool allows you to earn a bonus on the team commissions paid in your personal enrollment tree. As your rank increases, so does the number of generations on which you can be paid, to a maximum of seven generations.
A generation is defined as a qualified Silver Pro in your enrollment tree down to your next qualified Silver Pro. Everyone you personally sponsor is placed on your first level and each level pays out on unlimited width. This tree is completely separate from the Team Commission tree, and simply follows the chain of personally sponsored Business Owners. To become qualified for the Leadership Bonus Pool, a Business Owner needs to:

  • Achieve the rank of Gold (or above) during the commission period
  • Have 4-week rolling volume of 200PV or greater
  • Have 4 active, personally sponsored Business Owner

EGB Bonus

As your rank and the number of people you personally sponsor on AutoShip increases, the number of generations you can earn in the Leadership Bonus Pool also increases.

Note: Purchasing 500PV as your initial order automatically qualifies you to receive Leadershop Bonus Pool on your first generation for your first four weekly commission cycles with no other requirements. Purchasing 1000PV on your initial order automatically qualifies you to receive Leadership Bonus Pool on your first generation for your first twelve weeks with no other requirements.


As you begin to build a team and achieve ranks of Diamond and Elite, you become eligible to access the Qivana Mega Bonuses. These bonuses range from $10,000 at Diamond to $1,000,000 at Crown Elite.




Build 4,000 pv of weekly volume on each team (Gold Pro) within 75 days of your first order & get a FREE iPad.




Add an additonal 2,000 pv of weekly & you’ve achieved the rank of Platinum & qualify for a Car Bonus.



Add an additional 2,000 pv of weekly volume on each team & you’ve achieved the rank of Platinum Star. Complete this two times in a four week period, twice, & you qualify for a DreamWeek vacation for two.