Global Master Business Owners

Jerry Campisi - US


Jerry Campisi noticed right away that Qivana was different. He explained, “In all my years of financial consulting, I never found a company like Qivana. Anyone can verify Qivana’s credentials and see what I mean.” He joined without delay and went on to explain, “I joined Qivana because they are the next black swan. Just like Google did in its industry, they are moving into position while everyone else is sleeping.”

Campisi knows what it takes to succeed. One of his greatest assets in relationship marketing is his focus on recruiting. “If you are part time, spend at least one hour a day recruiting; if you are full time, spend at least four hours a day recruiting and driving the lines of your Qivana Business Owners.” He went on to say, “Don’t let self doubt, temporary setbacks or everyday life get in the way of your success.”

Campisi knows the real deal when he sees it. “Qivana is a real company with a real opportunity. The science, the studies, the doctors, the positioning, the timing . . . it is all real and something most entrepreneurs only dream about!” He continued, “We can really set ourselves apart by our culture. There is power in honesty, integrity and everyone working as one team. If we all work with this mindset no one will be able to stop the next billion dollar giant—the next black swan—Qivana!”

Marshall Douglas - US


Marshall Douglas has an eye for opportunity. Knowing that excellence is a formula with many ingredients, he looked carefully at every aspect of the Qivana business before joining. Douglas explained, “It’s well proven in business success that we are, to a great extent, the result of our associations and mentors. The founders of Qivana bring the complete set of professional skills to one company for the first time in the industry.”

Douglas was also attracted to Qivana for its revolutionary product strategy. He found a systems approach to wellness “sensible, unlimited and flexible enough to never become outmoded.” He continued, “I also considered the unique timing of the Qivana launch. An economic downturn in the world economy means millions are looking to create additional income streams. Relationship marketing is being recognized as an efficient and unlimited channel of distribution. The wellness revolution is screaming as everyone is discovering they can be healthier longer.”

Douglas works hard and works smart, continually plugging teammates into the system and teaching them to do the same. In addition, he confides, “I would like to be known as a master dream weaver—a person that can unlock the passion in anyone and inspire others to break free of self-imposed and artificial limits.” He goes on to say, “The greatest gift we can give anyone is inspiration! An inspired person is unstoppable! I would like to help tens of thousands know that with the Qivana opportunity and diligent effort their dreams are achievable!”

John Terhune - US

John Terhune John Terhune is passionate about Qivana for many reasons. “There is no doubt Qivana will be an industry leader over the next several years and I want to be part of a team that will represent what excellence looks like.”

As a Master Qivana Business Owner, Terhune strives to set an example of servant leadership. He explains, “Success is measured by the number of people you help achieve their dreams, not how much you personally make or own.” He continued, “It’s important to do what you say and say what you do. I strive to set an example of business and personal behavior that people want to emulate.”

Terhune loves that Qivana's Business Owners are at the core of Qivana. “The Qivana management team understands that the company is only as successful as their Business Owners.” In addition, “I love that the product strategy is all about cutting edge, real science. Making money by introducing and educating people about life-enhancing products--what a wonderful business!”

crown diamond

Valerie Bates & Mark Yarnell - CA

Valerie Bates and Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell and Valerie Bates have educated thousands of entrepreneurs through their books, presentations and private coaching.
In the world of network marketing, Mark Yarnell is an icon. He has built a successful international distribution organization of more than 300,000 marketing representatives in 21 countries. Mark has been honored and recognized internationally with numerous awards in the industry, including the American Dream Award, and was named the Greatest Networker in the World by Upline Magazine.
Mark was the first and only person from the network marketing industry to serve as contributing editor to Success Magazine. Mark's success has earned him the honor of being indoctrinated into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. He is the author of twelve books, including the international bestseller Your First Year in Network Marketing. In 1993 Mark and Dr. Charles King of Harvard created the first certification course in network marketing taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago and in Seoul, Korea.
Valerie Bates, author of five books, is an avid believer in taking charge of one’s life, and viewing it all as a great adventure. Valerie has enjoyed highly successful careers in network marketing, education, and management consulting. Prior to professional networking, Valerie owned a management consulting practice and for 10 years facilitated strategic plans, business plans and conflict resolution for numerous corporations in Canada and the U.S. She also has designed and taught seminars on self-wealth, facilitation, leadership and change.
Mark and Valerie’s goal is to help as many people as possible rise to their full potential and enjoy greater freedom and fulfillment through Qivana. They live in beautiful British Columbia.

Don Brindley and Lolly Starkey - US


Achieving any level of success in this business is a team effort. We are in a line of terrific people who will be reaching these same goals very soon because we are all working together toward that end. Consistency within the right team will lead to momentum and that momentum creates a wave of success for the whole team.

You simply cannot have success on your own -- and even if you could, that success would be empty. I really appreciate the effort being put forth by the entire team, home office and field alike. We will all succeed together.

Amber & Dean De Grasse - CA

Amber and Dean De Grasse - CA

When Amber & Dean met as kids they had an instant connection. Both entrepreneurial with strong energy, they became a force to reckon with. After 20 yrs together, they will tell you nothing has changed!

Dean, having been on his own since he was 14 years old, harnessed a fierce mix of determination and street smarts, driving him to become an entrepreneur at a very young age.

Amber & Dean built a successful career in real estate land development from scratch. Like their life, they never knew how they were going to get there, just the direction they were going. When their mentor, Mark Yarnell, introduced them to Qivana they made that decision once again. “Becoming Diamond did not come easy for us.” They say, “It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great! The world meets no one halfway. If you want something in life you need to go after it!”

Royal Diamond

Chris Cavedon

Chris Cavedon


In the game of life it’s not over until you win. Qivana is your vehicle, don’t let anyone deter you from your goal of becoming financially free. Many people and circumstances will try to get you to quit… stay the course. Develop self-reliance and realize you are the captain of your business. Steer it to success.

Danelle Rich - US


The three qualities I have found most important in building my Qivana business are: enthusiasm, credibility, and knowledge. I would advise everyone to study every day to increase their knowledge and ability to comfortably share product and company facts. I just share, share, share; I don’t sell. Always share with those people who you really think can see the vision of Qivana and take it somewhere great, they are the most valuable to your business. Never cross anyone off your list. Some people just need time to see the vision. Once they do, they will chase you to join Qivana! I’m not special. I’m just hungry to reach my goals! I am beyond excited and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next.

presidential diamond
Debra Campisi - US

Debra CampisiSuccess in this business is determined by your willingness to help others succeed. People help you win. Unlike many other professions, Qivana is not a “me, me, me” kind of business; it's about working as a team. This is a serious business you are building; make a minimum 2-year commitment. If you want to climb a hill, you can easily do that by yourself and succeed. But if you wish to climb the highest mountain in the world, test the limits of your abilities, and capture a spectacular view that few will ever know then you need a team of people working with you. But most of all, no matter what happens on your journey to the top never give up on your dreams—ever!

Vernon & Debra Douglas - US

Vernon & Debra DouglasWe joined Qivana for the opportunity of financial freedom and to take advantage of the best natural health products on the planet. We have an unwavering belief in the company, its leadership, vision and a commitment to provide Business Owners scientifically validated products that will improve anyone's health. All success is inevitably based on persistence, focus and knowledge that you can make a difference in someone's life, especially your own. We would like to make a difference as founding Qivana Business Owners in what will become the most successful network marketing company ever and to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are willing to work to achieve their goals and dreams. The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is inspiration.

Rebecca Forbes - US

Vernon & Debra DouglasMassive success is created by visionaries with a burning passion for change and deep inside I have always known that I was such a visionary. I have trained my entire life in dance and was able to take my gift and turn it into success as a professional touring dancer and international choreographer, national fitness trainer and now entrepreneur. I believe success comes from doing things with passion so I work hard to set goals and not to just exceed them, but smash them! When the Qivana opportunity was shown to me, my family was deep in debt and struggling to keep the lights but I saw the vision bright and clear so I turned my eyes to the prize and have never let up! I love building a team and helping people change their lives and in just a few short years, by simply sharing my story, I have created a lucrative income and saved my family. And now, I am able to realize my true calling as a speaker and motivator. The future is about greatness and I have only scratched the surface! executive diamond
Janet DeLeo - US

Janet Deleo

From the very beginning, I believed that Qivana would become one of the legends of the industry. There was no way that I would not participate. Discipline weighs ounces, but regret weighs tons. Just stay focused on your why. The how will fall into place, and you'll get better as long as you stay engaged. It's a contact sport. Do the numbers. Don't worry about all those people who don't see it. Don't worry about all the negative ones. There aren't that many of them, but they move around a lot! Just stay the course. All ships rise with the tide. It isn't easy, but it will be worth it. There's no magic. The people who become successful don't take the rejection along the way personally. Keep looking for the people who want it as badly as you do. They're out there. People are either inspired or uninspired. Find the inspired ones. Together we will change the world!

Adriana Lessels - CA

Adriana Lessels

I decided to pursue Network Marketing as a career back in September of 2005.

Unfortunately I did not know how to pick companies so it wasn't until my sixth year that I started earning a six figure income. Then in November of 2013 I took a leap of faith and risked losing that strong and solid income to start from zero again with Qivana.

It was one of the BEST decisions I've ever made in my lifetime.

I went from zero to reaching the level of Executive Diamond in only six months and much to my surprise, breaking a Qivana World Record by becoming the fastest to reach Executive Diamond by only half the time of the previous record. In addition, I reached my goal of becoming the first Diamond and Executive Diamond in not only Ontario, but in all of Eastern Canada.

Our team is now one of the fastest growing teams in Qivana and the future looks very bright. I am so grateful I did not overthink this opportunity.

Ken and Melissa Dovey - US


We decided to become a part of Qivana when Dr. Matt St John shared it with us. Our income in the ministry was down and we felt like this could help. After working Qivana for over 9 months with little to no success, John Terhune talked to me about where I was going with this. I made the mistake of telling him I THINK I might get this thing going (f you know John you don't say THINK!). He encouraged me to use my upline and build hard right and hard left.

So every time Dr. Matt was in town, we had meetings from morning till night. I've built such an incredible team and developed many wonderful relationships. I have the best upline and downline. I could not have done it without them. I can honestly say you will succeed if you do not quit.

Ray and Mikelyn Clausen - US


We became a part of Qivana to supplement our retirement. Having been in this industry in the past with limited success, we decided not to let that past keep us from the potential of a highly successful future. After looking at the company through the eyes of John Terhune, a man we admire and respect, then meeting and talking with the five Founders, we knew we had found something unique. Their focus is on making successful Qivana Business Owners, while helping people live healthier lives! John Terhune and Dr. Matt & Traci St. John gave strong leadership guidance and came along side our entire team with support. The team became like family focused on working together to help people with improved health and financial security. This rank belongs to our team. We humbly and proudly represent them, knowing that very soon they will join us as new Diamonds.

Albert & Waini Muir - US

Albert & Waini Muir

Albert and Waini Muir believe there are 12 success factors to examine in a company before you are willing to put your name on the company, let alone your hard work, sweat, and tears. "First and most important is the management team; second, is the product,” explains Albert. After learning of Qivana's stellar management team and scientifically backed products, Albert knew he had found a home. Qivana was the company he could proudly put his name on. "No other company can challenge Qivana's team. Simply put, they know exactly what they’re doing. Second, Qivana's products are all backed by science, they are effective, and the price points are the most affordable in the industry."

Having a clear and decisive vision has enabled Albert and Waini to reach incredible success. More importantly, their vision has helped them to reach out and help others. "Being in the position to touch people's lives by helping them to reach their goals is very rewarding," says Albert. "With Qivana, we love being a part of helping others to change their lives in very positive ways from improved health to achieving financial goals."

Cindy Waller - US

Cindy Waller

Determined, focused, and committed are just a few words that describe Cindy Waller. Cindy recently has been recognized and celebrated as Qivana's newest Executive Diamond and has qualified for Dream Week 2012—a Mediterranean Cruise to Italy, Greece, and Croatia. "At Convention, I set a goal in my own heart that I was going to be Diamond by the time I went to Regionals. I was determined to do whatever it took to accomplish this goal, and I made it!" she exclaims. "But I didn't do it by myself—it was a team effort." Cindy is thrilled that many of her team members will be traveling to Dream Week alongside her.

Cindy knows that a strong team is a committed one, and by that standard, she leads by example. When she travels to host and attend meetings, Cindy's goal is to make each new Qivana Business Owner a Silver before she leaves town the next day. "This is how I’ve been taught, and this is what my team is teaching, so helping new QBOs quickly reach Silver is just the norm for us. This has been duplicated downline, so our team is just exploding!" she says. "I take my role in this business seriously. When I bring somebody into the business, it's my responsibility to take them to Silver."

AJ Monte - US


The best advice I have is to not waste time with the wrong people. Learn how to scout for good leaders and not put yourself in a position where you are "selling" the opportunity to people who just don't see the big picture. I would rather have 20 strong leaders in place than to sponsor 500 people who need to be motivated each and every week. What we have in our hands with Qivana is gold in the bank. Be excited, stay focused and above all know that we are going to change the world for the better. Once people see this in you, they will follow. If you want to attract strong leaders to your business you need to be one yourself.


presidential diamond

Stephen Carse - US


New to network marketing, I had to rely on the leadership of my up team. Never have I experienced the kind of support that Qivana provides, from the Qtrainer, to the up team, down team and cross team. How I did it was very simple, I invite God to be part of every meeting I do. The best part for me was in the process of becoming Diamond; it helped elevate our team creating one Platinum Star, three Gold Pros, three Gold Stars, nine Golds, and countless Silver Pros and Silver Stars. Qivana is a win win win win situation... When Derek Hall said he's got our backs, he means it.

Tom & Anna Dutta - CA

Tom and Anna Dutta

When we met 17 years ago as Career Bankers our lives became a treadmill. Together we achieved almost every success in our careers, including President and CEO... but we never mastered a balance of life until Qivana. We now have a five-year plan for time and financial independence.

Tom has dreams of helping abused children and changing the world one child at a time. Anna dreams of life with family first, travelling the world, and helping women break through societal barriers to achieve their goals.

We were relentless on our commitment to becoming Diamonds. We stayed the course and took massive action using the Qivana Success System. Working with a talented team, we helped many others achieve success. Now here, we share that when you arrive it is short lived, like winning the Stanley Cup. The next day you realize you have to continue working to keep the title. Keep the "main thing the main thing" and anchor your belief in your future destination because Diamond is just the first stop on that journey.

Mark L'Hommedieu - US


I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to wake up every day and feel excited and juiced about creating relationships and building an outstanding team that could collectively push for excellence and achieve financial freedom, and Qivana offered me this opportunity. I plan to humbly lead an army of healthy and happy Diamonds in to financial retirement!”

Marty Keefe - US

Marty Keefe

My husband and I are successful business owners. My passion has always been helping others. When Dr. Richard Mays shared his vision of the wholeness center with me, I knew this was something I wanted to contribute to. I decided this is my time to shine. Qivana has allowed me just shine. I absolutely love this business. I love building and creating new relationships. I feel my up line, Dr. Matt St John, Ken Dovey, and Dr. Mays have been phenomenal leadership and I could not have gotten to Diamond Status without them nor my marvelous, rockin', energetic down line. I went from an QBO to Diamond status in 2 months and 28 days. Qivana is allowing me to help others with health and wealth. I am having the time of my life. What an incredible opportunity!!! Ladies, I challenge you: Let's all shine like the "DIAMONDS" we are.

Dr. Richard Mays - US


When I joined Qivana in May, I had no prior experience with network marketing.  But having been called by God to develop a Wholeness Center, and believing that Qivana is going to help finance the fulfillment of that dream, I worked diligently to learn as much as I could about the Qivana products and business.  This by itself, however, did not get me to Diamond. I had to have a great team in order to accomplish that milestone.  Fortunately, my team consists of people with integrity, honesty, and unselfishness and who work as hard (or harder) than I do. I am so grateful for people like Dr. Matt St. John, Pastor Ken Dovey, Marty Keefe, and all the others on my team that are helping to make my dream become a reality. I owe them my most sincere gratitude and devotion.  I promise I will continue to work as hard for them as they have worked for me.


Tex and Becky Powell - US


Qivana has given us the opportunity to fulfill our dreams of creating a legacy that will inspire our family, friends and fellow QBOs to achieve their dreams. We value our relationships with our Qivana family for their integrity, loyalty and positive attitudes. In building our Qivana business, we want to create a Qivana legacy that will inspire future generations to rise above mediocrity, achieve greatness and create their own legacy that they can be proud of forever and a day. If your Qivana dream is important enough to start, it's important to finish. You can achieve your dreams and goals if you stick with it, be persistent, help people fulfill their dreams and above all, don't quit, don't give up, don't ever give up on your dreams.

Bob and Geralyn Sagar - US

peopleFor as long as I can remember I have set and focused on my goals. I have learned along the way that I may have to adjust and tweak these goals, though I never lose sight of them. Becoming a Diamond with Qivana has been one goal that I have focused on from the very start. I had been a solid Platinum Pro for quite some time, falling just shy of Diamond numerous times. Though frustrating, I persevered knowing Diamond would be attained, and what a tremendous accomplishment it has been for me. I am focused on the very big picture and know that Executive Diamond is on the horizon. Qivana is affording me the time freedom I so desire and opportunities for my family that are endless. I feel blessed to do what I truly love to do and so grateful that I will be helping so many other QBOs along the way.


Stefania Smith - US

people When my husband and I were introduced to Qivana we weren't sure that it could fit in to our hectic schedules. I was working full-time and he was working more than full-time running his self-defense academy. We also have two small children who keep us on our toes. I quickly learned, though, that Qivana was immediately rewarding in both finance and friendship. It is so motivating to do work you truly believe in and to be rewarded for your efforts; concepts that were not as prevalent in thirteen years as a government employee.

I'll always be grateful to my husband for supporting me while I began this new endeavor. He was skeptical at first, but knew that I had to try. His role became support on the home-front, while my team and corporate have been invaluable in learning about this industry and creating an avenue for personal growth. Incidentally, after my first paycheck my husband was no longer a skeptic.

Many blessings have come my way since I began Qivana. I have learned to believe in myself. Most importantly, I am grateful to Qivana for allowing me to make what I had only dreamed of a reality.

Kristen Teixeira - US

peopleI am an example of an ordinary person who took a leap of faith and landed in an extraordinary opportunity. When I saw my family’s health change, I realized this was our chance to change our financial future. As a stay-at-home mom, I thought my choices were limited, but it is truly the opposite! With rock solid belief in the vision of Qivana, I am able to affect change on a global level by simply sharing my story and the stories of those who have been helped. I have become a strong role model for my daughters and now bring in an amazing income. For those ready to change, those who are tired of being tired and truly desire more for their life, Qivana is the answer. This opportunity has been our greatest blessing. Not to mention I have never had more fun! Being part of Qivana ROCKS!

John Lombardo - US

peopleWe've been here since day 1 with Qivana, and we've had an incredible ride!

For us, it's always been about lifestyle choice. We wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible with our children. I had always been in the entertainment industry, working many late nights and doing lots of traveling which meant time away from my family. We were serious about changing that, and Della was always a stay at home mom and home schooler, so working from home made sense for both of us. Qivana was the clear choice for us in terms of company, purpose, products and paycheck. We did our homework before choosing to get involved, and we have never regretted our decision

Our advice: you can only help the people who are willing to work hard to help themselves. Find them! Team up! Focus on hitting goals TOGETHER. The rest will happen on it's own.

Lily Cummings - US

peopleQivana was the exceptional company that I had been looking for, for a long time. I first received a letter from an out of state friend telling me about the company’s opportunities and within 5 minutes I knew I wanted to join. At first there were many challenges, including language difficulties, and no one in my area of California had enrolled or even heard of Qivana. However, I decided that these were actually good things and a great opportunity to start a market in my area. Most importantly I believed in Founder Derek Hall’s experience and perspective and I believed in Qivana’s product strategy. I spent a lot of time studying everything I could and even rented an office and staff to help provide trainings. Becoming a Diamond is the first step to achieving my dream; I wish to create more diamonds within my own team and help everyone realize their own dreams of health and success!

Darcy Cook - US

peopleScott is on the senior management team for regulatory compliance in drug development and medical device and before Qivana, I juggled the role of mother, CEO and Radio Talk Show Host. Neither of us had time.

We were not looking for Qivana. Qivana found us.

I am a visionary. I love being a student. I am an overachiever who loves team work. I surround myself with smarter more successful leaders. I am passionate and optimistic. However, I was in the wrong vehicle to achieve my dreams.

Life is full of opportunity. I never thought I would be a network marketing professional.

But thank goodness I got smarter. I live in a new reality where I have choice. I control my family’s future, not others.

What are our dreams? Are you in the right vehicle? My family’s journey is just beginning. This is what I was born to do! How about you?

Lynne Thomas - US

peopleAs a physical therapist with a master’s degree in exercise physiology, I have a lifelong passion for the field of health and wellness. On the other hand, Pete is a Banker who spends his days evaluating and advising businesses. Together, we work to blend our strengths to create a harmonious foundation for our lives and our Qivana business. When we started with Qivana, we were drawn to the strength of its unique business model. The model delivers leading edge science based natural products, through an exclusive channel of distribution, to its customers. As we have come to know the Founders of the company, we have been inspired by their knowledge, integrity and passion for both their Scientists and their Business Owners. It’s been said, “When the time is right, the right opportunity presents itself!” With Qivana, we believe this is the case for us and for anyone else who chooses this as their vehicle for Success!

Roger Wang - US

peopleQivana is a great platform for us to share our core values with others of becoming the best we can for ourselves, our family, and our community. We have a vision of living a great life; a life free of time and finance constraints. We aligned this vision with others and committed to share the success. We are inspired by the company founders and their vision, Jerry and his conviction, Dean and Amber’s energy and commitment.