Qivana Breakthroughs


Qivana is pioneering a revolutionary approach to natural products, bringing to market only a handful of breakthrough products that are backed by world-class scientists and research. Each product contains technology so advanced they are years ahead of the competition. Qivana is unique in this industry because of our approach to product development. While other companies have limited science behind their products from their own employed researchers, Qivana partners with the world’s best researchers, universities and scientists in our product development process and we leverage their decades of in-depth, specific research on natural solutions to healthier living. The results of that approach are cutting-edge products that provide unparalleled results.







Now recognized as a best-in-class delivery system, Qore Essentials is made with our ground-breaking Direct Dissolve technology. This novel powder delivery system for herbs allows for the most rapid absorption possible in the body.

Qivana forged the way to improve normal digestion, immune defense, and nutrient absorption with the revolutionary QORE Probiotic, which was introduced long before the current market craze. QORE Probiotic is protected by 8 patents. Our Trisphere delivery technology continues to be unsurpassed as the best delivery system available to ensure healthy probiotics reach your intestinal tract alive and intact, ready to help improve your intestinal health.




With world-renowned researcher Dr. Donald K. Layman’s 30 years of pioneering research, METABOLIQ is the most research-backed weight loss system the world has ever seen. Dr. Layman discovered the role amino acids play in igniting your muscles to reduce body fat while building lean muscle mass.

“Think big. Most adults would benefit from eating more than the recommended daily intake of 56 grams. The benefit goes beyond the muscles. Protein dulls hunger and can help prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease.” ———- Men’s Health | The Truth About Protein – Dr. Donald Layman




Qivana partnered with top nitric oxide scientists to discover the optimal way for the body to produce nitric oxide from a daily supplement. After a decade of research and development at a major University, PRIME was created. Others have tried to accomplish this using the limited L-arginine pathway, but PRIME is the only supplement that targets a novel discovery—an entirely new way to increase nitric oxide production in the body by using all of the known pathways for nitric oxide production that is 10-20 times more successful. PRIME is the most effective way to maintain healthy blood pressure, improve blood flow, protect against memory and cognition decline and optimize sexual function.




SKINSHIFT is the most epic breakthrough in skin science in decades. Dr. Ruthie Harper has developed an entirely new approach to combat aging based on your individual DNA analysis and developed a customized skincare regimen designed around your genetic code. SKINSHIFT is so revolutionary it has been recognized and featured on award-winning national media programs including Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The Doctors, and in leading publications including Prevention, Health, Redbook, GLAM, and Woman’s World.

The marketplace is cluttered with hundreds of me-too products, but you won’t find any of those at Qivana. Qivana is different and what makes is different makes us pioneers in revolutionizing the natural health industry. We are determined to bring only those products to market that are ground-breaking advances with and best-in-class technologies and science. We may not have the most products. We never will. But at Qivana, you will always find the very best.