retail sales
Retail Sales

Qivana Business Owners have the ability to quickly generate commissions by simply selling Qivana products to individual customers. Retail commissions are paid on the difference between your customer’s purchase price (retail) and your wholesale price. Direct them to your MyQivana website and you will receive the credit. We will handle, package, ship and track the product for you. Each time a Retail Customer buys off of your website you will earn the profit. Anytime Retail Customers order Qivana products, the order volume will also count towards your PV (personal volume). Any PV generated from your own purchases of those of your Retail Customers, your account will be credited with the PV. Any volume in excess of 100 rolls over and counts towards your lesser leg volume requirements for ranks.

*To receive retail commission you must first become a Qivana Business Owner or Preferred Customer and enroll a Retail Customer.